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At Roshri, we take pride in embracing an air cooling technology that causes no more hazards to the environment. The use of modern and high-tech technology helps us producing energy efficient products that are in adherence to the international standards.


Cooling solutions for a brighter and safer tomorrow

Today's products are looming large in a consumer space that demands environmental- friendly and cost and energy saving technologies. At the heart of the creation of a sophisticated, well equipped idea is the decree of its adaptability and pliability on the energy- saving canvass.

Therefore, it becomes not just mandatory but rather, a responsible business practice that a concern must deliver products and solutions that generate as less an adverse footprint on the environment for the business to generate a likeability and familiarity from consumers from across the world.

Roshri proudly provides our hundreds of consumers spread across continents with an opportunity to bank upon the reliability, efficiency and eco- friendly approach of its modern and sophisticated air cooling technologies, taking a giant leap ahead from those technologies whose by product is nothing short of an environmental hazard.

At a time, when a plethora of business concerns capitulate in front of an ambition that cannot further its approach from mere financial gains, we believe that having an approach that caters to the need to protect and safeguard the environment by not contributing to its disruption or deformation can be a mandate that will set Roshri on a distinct path of its own amidst the litany of ecological woes that other concerns often cause in their everyday philosophy of work.

Roshri's air cooling technology is high-tech, modern and completely adheres duly to the international standards set for product energy efficiency.